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*[[Comic Listing|Most comics]]; most notably, the table read of {{clink|US#S02|Futurama Returns}}
*[[Comic Listing|Most comics]]; most notably, the table read of {{clink|US#S02|Futurama Returns}}
[[Category:Characters who swap voices]]
[[Category:Characters voiced by more than one person]]

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Secondary character
Transition Announcer
Anthology of Interest II.jpg
A narrator's quote: "That'll be hard to top. I pity the next Tale of Interest"
First appearance"Anthology of Interest I" (2ACV16)
RegularMaurice LaMarche
In 4ACV15Billy West

The Transition Announcer aka the Narrator is an unseen voiceover that occassionaly aids transitions between the scenes of Futurama. Other narrators serve a similar role within the universe for Instructional Movies, The Scary Door and other shows the Planet Express crew watches, these should not be confused as this narrator can not be heard by any of the characters.

Additional Info


  • Voiced by Billy West in "The Farnsworth Parabox" because LaMarche was unavailable
  • LaMarche says that the voice is basically Calculon doing his first voice-over.
  • In most of the comics, captions appearing the corner of some frames. These are the generally equivalent of the Narrator, his voice was used for the "Futurama Returns" (US#S02)
    table reading, but can be any out of frame character. On at least one, fourth wall breaking, occasion the caption was on a caption-bot.


    Transition Announcer: Stay tuned for more tales of interest!

    Transition Announcer: You've watched it! You can't unwatch it!

    Fry: The other me lived ten years before dying? I wonder what his life was like.
    Scruffy: I guess we'll never know.
    Zoidberg: Or will we?
    Scruffy: [Bites his fingernails.] Nope.
    Transition Announcer: They won't know, but you will. Lucky you.

    Transition Announcer: Meanwhile, in Universe-A, Hermes-A heads towards the sun... A.

    Transition Announcer: And now, back to the Gunderson's Nuts Holiday Spectacular featuring Futurama.