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Production Number: 1ACV02<br\> Title Caption: In Hypno-Vision<br\> AL Sightings: 1<br\>

The Story

Act I: The Moon

Farnsworth declares Leela to be the new captain; Dr. Zoidberg gives Fry a physical. Then Farnsworth sends them on a routine delivery to the Moon. Everyone is bored with this except Fry, who has never been to the moon and is thrilled to learn that there is a theme park on the moon. Fry convinces Leela to go to the park rather than heading straight back to Planet Express.

Act II: The Moon: The Amusement Park

Everyone is bored in Luna Park, except for Fry. But eventually, even Fry becomes frustrated with the fakeness of everything, and so he derails their car from the "Lunar Lander" ride and drives out into undeveloped moon. When there is an accident, Leela and |Fry end up trapped on the moon and short of oxygen. Meanwhile, back inside the park, Bender and Amy are trying to recover the keys to the ship, which Amy accidentally dropped into the crate of claw-machine prizes they were delivering. Bender gets caught cheating and is ejected from the park as well.

Act III: One Small Step for Man...

Fry and Leela take refuge in the dome of a lunar redneck farmer. In the morning, they find |Bender has shown up and made a move on the farmer's three robot daughters. All three are chased away, and ultimately Fry and Leela seek shelter from the deadly Lunar night in the Lunar Lander module from the original moon landing. As Leela watches the earthrise, she finally sees how beautiful the moon really is. Then Bender returns, pursued by the farmer who is driving a very deadly-looking piece of farming equipment. Amy shows up in the ship, having finally gotten the keys out of the claw machine, and rescues everyone.

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