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[[Category:Alien species]]
[[Category:Alien species]]
[[Category:Intelligent species]]
[[Category:Intelligent species]]

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HomeworldTarantulon 6
First appearance"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)

Spiderians are a species of sentient spiders native to Tarantulon 6. A newscast at the beginning of "Three Hundred Big Boys" tells of their defeat by Zapp Brannigan and the Earth army. As a result, their vast silk resources are plundered by Earth, and every citizen receives a $300 tax rebate.

Additional Info


  • The spiderians seem to have 3 types of resources: silk murals (one of which was priced at $1 billion), elaborate webs with jewels woven into them, and fancy gowns with eight arms.
  • According to Dr. Ben Beeler, the spiderians are more closely related to Earth elephants than Earth spiders.
  • According to Zapp Brannigan, they taste like king crab.