Slurm master

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Tertiary character
Slurm master
Slurm master.png
The Slurm master at the Slurm Factory, in the year 3000. [1ACV13]
SpeciesSlurm worm
Planet of originLikely Wormulon
ProfessionProfessional taster of Slurm
First appearance"Fry and the Slurm Factory" (1ACV13)

The Slurm master is a Slurm worm that works at the Slurm Factory, where he checks the Slurm for colour and bouquet and tastes it. In the year 3000, the crew saw him during a tour of the factory, which was part of a trip to the Slurm bottling plant that Fry won in a contest. [1ACV13]

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