Robot Devil

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"Welcome to Robot Hell!"

Species: Robot
Planet of Origin: Earth
Age: unknown
Voiced By: Dan Castellaneta
First Appearance: "Hell is Other Robots" (1ACV09)


The Robot Devil is the dark lord of Robot Hell, as warned by the Temple of Robotology. It is unknown when the Robot Devil was built, but he has probably been around since at least 2275. The ruler of Robot Hell, he spends most of his time dishing out ironic punishments and gambling with souls. He has a holiday home in Hell's Kitchen in New New York that he bought from Kathie Lee Gifford's Head.

Additional Info


  • Bender: Aw, hell- I mean, heck.
    Robot Devil: 'Salright, you can say that here.
  • Robot Devil: You can't just have your characters announce how they feel... that makes me feel ANGRY!"
  • 'Prisoner': Hey Bender, if you see the Robot Devil... tell 'im I'm'a comin'!

Bender: Hey that guy says...
Robot Devil: I HEARD HIM!