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Thermostadt, capital of the Robo-Hungarian Empire.
LocationEurope, Earth
Inhabited byRobo-Hungarians
Member ofUnited Nations
First appearance"The Honking" (2ACV18)

The Robo-Hungarian Empire or Robo-Hungary, ruled by the profligate Emperor Nikolai (6ACV10), is presumably located in Eastern Europe, Earth. It is a member of the United Nations, and its capital city is Thermostadt (2ACV18).


The Robot citizens of the Empire seem superstitious and peasant-like, similar to the Transylvanians in the 1931 film Dracula (2ACV18). As carnies are the nation's chief export, some citizens have emigrated to New New York and work for Circus Roboticus (6ACV10).


Main article: Emperor Nikolai

The Emperor of Robo-Hungary is the spendthrift playboy Emperor Nikolai, who is beloved by his people, who gladly risk their life for him and their Empire. He was long engaged to Princess Flavia, and had his cousin Basil as the head of his personal Guard, until 3010, when an affair between the two was revealed, and Basil tried assassinating the Emperor. The assassination failed, however, and Basil was instead killed, thanks to Professor Farnsworth and the Robo-Hungarian Robot Clowns from Circus Roboticus (6ACV10).

Additional Info


  • The name, inhabitants and landscapes seem patterned after the Austro-Hungarian Empire, as well as many stereotypes of Eastern Europe.
  • The ending stadt means city in German. Thermostadt is similar to names of places in Hungary, Romania, and Austria, when said in German. An example of these is Hermannstadt.