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Planet of locationEarth
Ruled byNikolai
Member ofUnited Nations
First appearance"The Honking" (2ACV18)

Presumably located in Eastern Europe, the Robo-Hungarian Empire is patterned after the Austro-Hungarian Empire as well as many stereotypes of Eastern Europe. The robot citizens of the empire are portrayed as superstitious and peasant-like, similar to the Transylvanians in the 1931 film Dracula. Some citizens have emigrated to New New York and work for the Circus Roboticus; "Carnies" apperently being the nation's chief export. The capital city is Thermostadt and the empire is ruled by the profligate Emperor Nikolai. The empire is a member of the United Nations.

The empire is introduced in the season two episode "The Honking". Emperor Nikolai first appeared in the season seven episode "The Prisoner of Benda". The emperor is portrayed as a spendthrift playboy, and sails into New New York harbor aboard the royal yacht RMS Overkill. He is engaged to Princess Flavia, and his cousin Basil is the head of his personal Guard.

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