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*{{e|6ACV19}} (in the [[Parade Day Parade]])
*{{e|6ACV19}} (in the [[Parade Day Parade]])
*{{e|6ACV24}} (cameo)
*{{clink|US#005|Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire?}}
*{{clink|US#005|Who's Dying to Be a Gazillionaire?}}
*{{clink|US#044|The Fry and the Furious!}}
*{{clink|US#044|The Fry and the Furious!}}

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Secondary character
Randy Munchnik
Randy Munchnik.png
Planet of originEarth, United States of America, New New York
RelativesSee Family section
First appearance"I, Roommate" (1ACV03)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Randy Munchnik is a happily married gay male human in the city of New New York, Earth. He owns the jewellery store Diamonds Are Forever, living in a rent controlled apartment (1ACV03), and works at Comic-Con Intergalactic as the costume contest host (6ACV11). He has also been seen coaching a maternity water aerobics class (2ACV05). Randy and his life partner Soupy once built an ark with all same-sex animals when the ice caps melted (4ACV08), and they apparently have a pet poodle (6ACV04).

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    Randy: There are parts of the Bible I like, and there are parts I don't like.

    Randy: Hey, grandpa! Move your wrinkly old keister!

    Randy: It touched me in a bad place: my spinal cord!

    Randy: Our poodle has two daddies!