Partridge Family Lunchbox

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Partridge Family Lunchbox
Partridge Family Lunchbox.jpg
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The Partridge Family Lunchbox was used as a time capsule and was loaded with items from the late 1970's. The Planet Express crew found it in the basement of the Planet Express Building while trying to bury the Galactic Terminatrix 3000.

Additional Info

Items Inside

  • Bee-Gees 8-Track
  • Fun-Doh
  • New Yorker Newspaper
  • Note
  • Piece Sign necklace
  • Rolling Stones' "Tongue and Lip Design" sticker
  • Space Boy's Adventures comic book
  • SugerAid
  • Valley of the Dolls Beta tape

Image Gallery

Crew Speculation

Before Professor Farnsworth open the time capsule, some of the crew made guesses as to what was inside:


  • The lunch box was buried in 1979
  • Within the time capsule was a note that read: "What's happenin', beings of tomorrow? You groovy foxes have just dug up our time capsule from the year 1979 --and now that it's dug, I know that you're digging it. Our hope is that this little piece of our out-of-sight decade gives you jet-pack-wearin', flying-car-driving', 4-course-meal-in-a-pellet-eatin' futurinos a taste of what it was like to be a swingin' dude back in the dat. Catch you on the flip side, man. P.S. Larouche for President in '80."


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