Murder on the Planet Express

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Season 7 episode
Broadcast season 10 episode
Murder on the Planet Express
Production number7ACV24
Written byLewis Morton
Directed byFrank Marino
Title captionN/A
First air dateTBA
Broadcast numberS10E11
Title referenceThe 1934 Agatha Christie book Murder on the Orient Express


Season 7
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  2. A Farewell to Arms
  3. Decision 3012
  4. The Thief of Baghead
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  20. Calculon 2.0
  21. Assie Come Home
  22. Leela and the Genestalk
  23. Game of Tones
  24. Murder on the Planet Express
  25. Stench and Stenchibility
  26. Meanwhile
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"Murder on the Planet Express" is the one hundred and thirty-eighth episode of Futurama, the twenty-fourth of the seventh production season and the eleventh of the tenth broadcast season.