Machine language time code

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Machine language time code
Time code.jpg
InventorProbably the Galactic Entity
UsageSummoning the Time Sphere
First appearanceBender's Big Score
Current statusProbably lost forever

The machine language time code, or simply the time code, is a code appearing in a tattoo on Fry's butt, that causes release of the Time Sphere from the Galactic Entity (BBS).


The code appearing in the film is as follows.



As you can tell, it is mirrored over the first three columns over to the last three and inverted over the first three rows to the last three. If you remove the last three columns, you can see that the first three columns are actually just the numbers 1 to 6 in binary.

It is interesting to note that it has yet to be truly explained where the time code comes from or how it ended up on Fry's butt in the first place. The code was put on the frozen Fry's butt by Bender, using a flap of skin from Lars, but it only existed on Lars' butt because he is a paradox time copy of Fry. This is an example of the bootstrap paradox. However, in the original draft of the script, Bender, while waiting for Fry to come back from the future (this being Bender 2, who gets kicked into the freezer tube), watches the lottery and writes down the winning numbers, converts them to binary and mirrors them, then inscribes them on Fry's butt, hiding them from Bender 1 and planning to return and win the lottery (unaware that he is doomed as a time paradox duplicate).

Additional Info

Hidden in a smelly mirror


  • Another example of the bootstrap paradox is if your future self were to travel back in time and give yourself something.
  • Lars Fillmore, Fry's being his own grandfather, etc. are all examples of bootstraps.


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