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Zapp Brannigan is a 25-Star General in the Democratic Order of Planets, captain of his flagship, the Nimbus, and head of the DOOP Army. Although he claims to be a strategic genius, Zapp is actually an imbecile and a coward whose plans could have easily been conjured up by a child. Zapp is inexplicably well-respected throughout the universe, appearing as a Miss Universe Judge (2ACV06) and often (ineffectively) defending Earth from attacks. Due to his stupidity and incompetence, most battles Zapp leads are lost; however, sometimes the army is lucky. Zapp doesn't care about casualties and cheerfully sends wave after wave of his own men to die in battle (1ACV04). He also apparently suffers from a learning disorder that he calls sexlexia, which is a disturbingly erotic disorder (2ACV17), though this may simply have been a pick-up line. The central law of DOOP, Brannigan's Law, is named after him (1ACV04). Contrary to his robust self image, the real Zapp Brannigan has a prominent beer belly and wears a blonde toupée to hide that he is, in fact, bald (4ACV01). His specially designed DOOP uniform includes a revealing kilt.