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|gender=Mechanically male
|gender=Female (Mechanically male)
|first appear={{e|1ACV13}}
|first appear={{e|1ACV13}}
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Tertiary character
GenderFemale (Mechanically male)
First appearance"Fry and the Slurm Factory" (1ACV13)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Hermaphrobot is a manbot-to-fembot transgender Robot, who often engages Bender in a subversive manner. On two occasions Bender and Hermaphrobot have run into each other (1ACV13, BG), each time with Hermaphrobot outright denying what she assumed to be advances or interest from Bender, although Bender never truly felt or acted in such a manner. She was present at the Violet Dwarf Star Implosion ceremony (ITWGY), and is a robosexual, as she attented Camp Rectifier in July 3010, along with Bender and Fatbot (6ACV04).

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    Bender: Hello, sexy lady! [Scans Hermaphrobot with the F-ray and gasps.]
    Fry: What's wrong?
    Bender: That's no lady!
    Hermaphrobot: Damn, chico! One more upgrade and I'll be more lady than you can handle! Why you so stoopid, stoopid?
    Bender: Hey, bite my shiny metal ass!
    Hermaphrobot: You couldn't afford it, honey! [Snaps fingers.]

    Preacherot: Don't believe those lies, son! The only lies worth believing are the ones in the Bible! Can I get an amen?
    Hermaphrobot: I'll take a three-men! Holla!



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