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Guinea pig
Fry's guinea pig.png
Fry's guinea pig, 1988.
First appearance"Anthology of Interest I" (2ACV16)
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Guinea pigs are a species of rodent native to South America that were commonly used as pets and research subjects in the 21st century. By the 31st century, guinea pigs are still used as pets but also as pet food. Bender and Fry both owned guinea pigs; Bender's guinea pig died some time ago, and Fry's guinea pig was presented as a science experiment during the Nerd Search '88 Science Competition (6ACV02, 6ACV24). A party-sized keg of guinea pigs was given to Dave Spiegel and Fluffers during a pet show for third place (3ACV07). During the Nibblonians fight against the Scammer Aliens, Lord Nibbler rode into battle on a guinea pig which he promptly ate (5ACV01).

In the non-canon "Terror at 500 Feet" segment of "Anthology of Interest I", Professor Farnsworth tricks Zoidberg with a guinea pig on a trap. Zoidberg eats the guinea pig and is trapped in a cage, so that he may be enlarged to defeat the 500 foot Bender.

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