Grunka Lunkas

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Grunka Lunkas

Planet of Origin: Wormulon
First Appearance: Fry and the Slurm Factory


The Grunka Lunkas are small orange men who inhabit the planet Wormulon. They are employed by the Slurm Worms to work in the fake slurm factory. They sing a warning song about the Secret Ingrediant of Slurm. Apparantly they aren't payed to sing so theres no real point to why they are singing the song.

Grunka Lunka Song

Grunka Lunka donkaty doo
We've got a friendly warning for you
Grunka Lunka donkaty dasis
The Secret Ingrediant of Slurms on a need to know basis

Asking questions on school is a great way to learn
If you do that hear you might get your legs broke
We once found a guy face down in the Slurm
It could easily happen to any of you folk

So keep your head down and keep your mouth shut
Grunka Grunka Grunka donkaty dasis


  • The Grunka Lunkas are based on the Umpa Lumpas in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory