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It's Futurama the game!

Genre: Action
Players: 1
Platforms: Xbox, Playstation 2
Released: 08/01/03(EU), 08/14/03(US)
Approximate Playtime: Up to 10 hours.

The Story

Act I: Fry

Fry navigates the sewers

At Planet Express, Fry, Leela and Bender learn from the Professor (who's wearing a sombrero) that he's sold the company to Mom. Immediately after this, a report comes on the news saying that she is now the majority shareholder, and ruler, of Earth. Mom claims everyone as slaves and sets a curfew so the crew decide to escape. Unfortunately the ship is severely damaged, with unknown reason, and needs repairs. While everyone else does something important, Fry is instructed to find a hammer. Fry dies getting the hammer but is brought back with the Professor's new invention, the Reanimator (which looks like a giant toaster). Fry keeps the hammer (for a weapon), which the Professor didn't need, and heads off to find the tools that are needed. After the repairs are done, it turns out that the backup dark matter engine is needed, but was pawned. Fry is given a gun and sent via the sewers (to avoid the Hoverbot Death Troopers) then works his way through Old New York, the Red Light District and New New York (with a better weapon to fight off the Death Troopers) to Rook Takes Pawnshop.

Act II: Bender

Bender on the asteroid

Fry returns with the engine and they install it, the four escape, taking the Reanimator with them. Mom converts the planet into a spaceship in order to take over the universe and is annoyed to hear that the Planet Express crew is escaping. She then proceeds to try to hunt them down, but the Earth's engines aren't powerful enough. At Sal's Salvage on an asteroid, Sal informs them that the only kind of engine that will move the Earth is a dark matter engine ("and a big ones at thats"), and she'll need the Professor to get it. The Professor informs Bender that he's now a playable character and the ship gets caught. Sal has helped out Mom by trapping the Planet Express ship in a suck beam. Bender abandons ship, in full view of Mom and her sons, then dies on impact with the asteroid and is brought back by the Reanimator, which falls on his disassembled body. He then agrees to rescue the others in exchange for a box of magazines with fembot centre folds.

On his way to rescue the crew Bender has to evade Ignar in a turret, machinery activated by Larry and finally win in battle against Walt, who's in a tank. Bender deactivates the beam, boards the ship, and they escape.

Act III: Leela

Meeting the locals, on the Sun

The Professor says that he's not skilled enough to invent something to save the day; they'll have to visit his mentor and former graduate advisor Adoy, who lives on Bogad in the furthest corner of the universe. They don't have enough fuel, so Leela, who's now playable, is asked to get some. Mom catches them because she wants blueprints for the dark matter engine. They only exist in the Professor's head so she takes that, in a jar, and sends the ship hurtling towards the Sun. The ship crash-lands near Sun City. Ra-Ra the Sun King offers them dark matter in exchange for protecting his people from the Sun God and his army. Fry and Bender wait at the ship.

Leela sets up lasers, which hit the Sun God, severely injuring him. He admits to being an "ordinary eternal omniscient super intelligent being" and explains that making robots from bones is more evil, then laughs so hard he falls into the Sun's molten surface and dies. Leela escapes the sinking temple. Villagers exit buildings and Leela returns to the ship. Ra-Ra rewards them with fuel and asks them to celebrate with him at the temple, which burns up in the background. The crew leave before he can notice.

Act IV: Zoidberg

Zoidberg on his horse

Mom has hooked the Professor into the Earth's engines. She starts flying the ship around destroying other planets. The crew land on Bogad, quite literally in the corner of the universe. They meet up with Dr Zoidberg, who is making a cameo. He identifies a nearby animal as a horse and gets on. The crew talk to Adoy who tell them that his latest invention, the Time Tunneller, will get them back to before Mom became unstoppable. The hand crank on the machine will only turn the universe back two minutes, if turned for two minutes, so Zoidberg is sent off to find the generator.

Zoidberg reaches the generator and turns it on. Adoy sets up the Time Tunneller and the crew head back in time to Earth. Zoidberg is left behind.

Act V: Mom

Leela makes an escape

Leela crash-lands the severely damaged ship in the Planet Express building. They quickly fulfil a time paradox by leaving the bad ship behind and taking the good ship to stop the Professor from selling the company. They crash the ship through the window of Mom's Headquarters just as the Professor is about to sign. The Reanimator falls from the wreckage and all three are regenerated. Fry warns the Professor. Mom tricks them into standing where she can trap them. They each have to try to escape from Destructor, with several gun upgrades, as he enters target practice mode.

Fry finds a gun and soon after enters battle against Destructor. Fry wins and heads down to meet the other two. Mom’s sons are cleaning up. Ignar breaks the Reanimator, which falls on Destructor's body knocking it onto the crew, killing them, permanently. The Professor refuses to sell, but then Mom offers him a sombrero...

Additional Info


  • In the options menu, Billy West provides audio for SFX Volume and Speech Volume testing.
    • In the former, Fry produces the effects, in the latter, Fry, Professor Farnsworth and Zapp Brannigan test the microphones.
  • Both Scruffy and Hermes are seen sleeping on the job (actually Hermes isn't sleeping, he is being controlled by a brain slug).
  • Terry's "Welcome to the world of tomorrow!" features in the intro remix.
  • The four types of mutant seen in this game are how they were expected to be in 2ACV01, there is no sign of intelligence and minimal, if any, humanity.
  • Leela's parents' house appears to be in Old New York.
  • Bender's birthstone is Robobium.
  • Deaths:
    • False Sun God
    • Destructor
    • Fry (four times, one permanent)
    • Bender (three times, one permanent)
    • Leela (two times, one permanent)
  • Due to the episode's nature, it is best viewed as an "Anthology of Interest" (2ACV16, 3ACV18), which would make it non-canon.
  • Maurice LaMarche voiced all three bosses.


  • Farnsworth: Good news everyone, I've sold Planet Express to Mom.
  • Morbo: At the risk of editorialising, this reporter applauds the demise of the pathetic human species.
  • Fry: Wow! I had my first kiss in a subway car just like that one. Hm homeless people.
  • Fry: Ah, Old New York. Over there is where I first got mugged. *muttering* Homeless people.
  • Bender: Farewell, big blue ball of idiots!
  • Sal: Don't worries, I've gots an idea, I mean, an ideas.
  • Bender: I sure am lucky that rock tower just happened to be there.
  • Ignar: If you see Mommy tell her I killed you!
  • Walt: Cursed robot! You haven't seen the last of me! Unless you die before I see you again, in which case you haaaaave!
  • Farnsworth: The worst part is the phantom haemorrhoids.
  • Fry: I can't image what kind of disgusting fool creatures we'll find here.
    Zoidberg: Hello.
  • Adoy: Terrible. Terrible! Terrible! But there's nothing we can do about it now. So it’s a good thing you came to me!
  • Zoidberg: Hooray, I'm the hero!