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An FXXX satellite, [SABF16] Disputed canon in space, in 3014. To its right are Madison Cube Garden, which is heading for it, and Earth.
LocationLikely Earth
Organisation typeLikely T.V. channel
First appearance"Simpsorama"

FXXX appears to be a T.V. channel. [SABF16] Disputed canon It may be a pornographic channel, considering that its name contains the word "XXX".

In 3014, the Planet Express ship shot Madison Cube Garden, where a group of creatures with Bart Simpson's D.N.A. had been rounded up, into space, causing it to hit and destroy an FXXX satellite.

Additional information


  • FXXX is a reference to Fox's T.V. channels FX and FXX.
  • After hitting the satellite, Madison Cube Garden hits a space capsule labeled "SUPER BOWL MMMXIV [1] LOSERS ¶ BUFFALO BILLS" (confirming the professor's claim that in the future each year's Super Bowl losers are shot into space).
    • "FXXX" contains three "X"s, whereas "MMMXIV" contains three "M"s.


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  1. ^ "MMMXIV" is the Roman numeral for "3014".
    See also Rome.