Countess de la Roca

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Countess de la Roca
Planet of originMaybe Earth
First appearance"A Flight to Remember" (1ACV10)
Voiced byTress MacNeille

Countess de la Roca was an elegant and wealthy fembot who was also a class three yacht. She and Bender met on the Titanic and fell in love, although Bender feared this was merely because the Countess believed he too was rich. But when the Countess discovered he couldn't even cover his bar tab she loved him regardless. Romance blossomed, as Bender sketched her circuit diagram, and made love in a car. But when the Titanic was doomed by a predictably incompetent Zapp Brannigan, who recalculated the route of the Titanic, which causes a black hole to pull it within it. The Countess was rescued by Bender, both grabbing hold of the Planet Express crew's escape pod. Due to the extra weight of Bender and the Countess, she sacrificed herself to save Bender and the Planet Express crew and she disappeared into the black hole. Although, it's possible she survived as Into the Wild Green Yonder treats black holes like worm holes, which would have tossed her out of a different black hole.

Additional Info


  • Even though her name is similar to crew member Claudia De La Roca, it has been confirmed that the Countess was not named after her.
  • Unlike other robots, her pupils are round.
  • She is based loosely on the character of Rose from James Cameron's film Titanic. Her design greatly resembles the outfit Rose wore when boarding the ship.
  • Her name could also be a reference to the Countess of Rothes, who was sailing first class on board the real Titanic's maiden voyage.


    Countess de la Roca: I was surprised to see another robot in first class, most of the robots I meet are labourers.
    Bender: I assure you I barely know the meaning of the word labour.