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|image text=[[Leela]] and [[Fry]] milking buggalo on the [[Moon]], in [[3000]]. {{er|1ACV02}}
|image text={{Leela}} and {{Fry}} milking buggalo on the [[Moon]], in [[3000]]. {{er|1ACV02}}
|first appear={{e|1ACV02}}
|first appear={{e|1ACV02}}

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Leela and Fry milking buggalo on the Moon, in 3000. [1ACV02]
First appearance"The Series Has Landed" (1ACV02)

Buggalo are giant beetles with cowskin-colored shells. They can be milked like cattle, [1ACV02] their shells can be used as row boats, [3ACV10] their limbs make tasty grilling meat, [4ACV18] there is a place with their name [ItWGY] and they are served by Fishy Joe's. [6ACV22]


The origin of buggalo is not clear, but it seems that they are from Mars, and Native Martians have domesticated them, using buggalo as flying horses. [3ACV10]


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  • The word buggalo is a portmanteau of the words bug and buffalo.


This section does not deal with the appearances of Betsy. For those, see Betsy#Appearances.

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