Brain slugs

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Origin: The Brain Slug Planet First Appearance: 2ACV03

General Information

Brain Slugs are little parasitic slugs that attach to an intelligent beings (such as humans) head and control it. They are about as big as a fist, green, translucent and have two feelers and one enormous eye.


A brain slug controls every intelligent being on which head it is attached on. The victim will be likely to speak in a monotone voice and do everything to attach further brain slugs to other intelligent beings. The recommended procedure of dealing with a brain slug victim is to act casual and switch to a garlic shampoo to avoid being controlled as well. Otherwise assimilation threatens. Ways of denying attachment include wearing a helmet.


There is a Brain Slug Party on Earth which propagates the spreading of brain slugs, naturally organized by citizens of Earth with brain slugs attached to them. It's political goals include making unreasonably high offerings of money to the Brain Slug Planet and attaching brain slugs to the man on the street.

Two employees of Planet Express have had experience with brain slugs: Hermes in 2ACV03 and 2ACV08, Fry in 2ACV08. In Fry's case, the brain slug died of starvation shortly after it's attachment to his head, indicating that it lives on the victim's brain waves. This arises interesting questions about wether the brain slugs rely on the victim's Delta Brain Wave to survive, for Fry lacks this particular wave form. But perhaps it just died because he is an idiot.

Judging by the audio commentaries, the brain slugs were initially planned to fulfill a different role. They should have hung on ceilings and dropped on the heads of people, making them smarter but ultimately covering their entire heads.