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Tertiary characters
Blip gang
Blip gang.png
Members of the blip gang in 3013. [7ACV21]
other alien species
Planet of originPeoples α
First appearance"Assie Come Home" (7ACV21)
Blip #1John DiMaggio
Blip #2Phil LaMarr
Blip #3Billy West

The blip gang (referred to as the blips) is, along with the crud gang, one of the two rival factions that control the planet of gangs, thugs, and hustlers. The two are told apart by their colours — red and blue, which they both use. The blips wear red on their right and blue on their left, and the cruds wear red on their left and blue on their right. Wearing a crud jersey in the presence of blips can get one killed.

In 3013, Planet Express delivered a crate to them. [7ACV21] The crate contained guns, and was a gift from the cruds, who sent it as a sign of trust, so that, together, the two gangs could rid their streets of the real enemy — giant spiders. However, because Bender had bent the guns, both a group of blips and a group of cruds accidentally shot themselves.


  • Blip Turf
  • Blipton

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The blip gang was first seen in a preview clip for broadcast season 10, in February 2013. [1]

Additional information

The professor holding blip jerseys (right) and crud jerseys (left), in the Planet Express hangar.


  • The two gangs are named after the African American gangs the Bloods and the Crips.
  • Blipton is a reference to Compton, California, which is in the vicinity of where the Bloods and the Crips originated. It may also be a reference to the tea brand Lipton.
  • The first blip has spider webs on his elbows.


    Blip #2: Yo. You just shot your own reflection in the mirror!
    Blip #1: It was self-defence!

    Blip #3: It's a trick. Get 'em!



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