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*{{elink|3ACV11|Insane in the Mainframe}}
*{{flink|Into the Wild Green Yonder}} (seen in [[Audience scene|audience]])
*{{flink|Into the Wild Green Yonder}} (seen in [[Audience scene|audience]])

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Tertiary character
Big Apple Bank teller
Big Apple Bank teller.png
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"A Fishful of Dollars" (1ACV06)
Voiced byUnknown

The Big Apple Bank teller is a teller who works at Big Apple Bank, Fry's bank. She told Fry his balance of 93 cents grew up to $4.3 billion in a thousand years.

Additional Info


    Big Apple Bank teller: Hmm. We don't seem to have your retina scan, your fingerprint or your colonic map on file.
    Fry: Yeah, well, I did open the account over a thousand years ago. What about my ATM card?
    Big Apple Bank teller: OK, you had a balance of 93 cents...
    Fry: Alright!
    Big Apple Bank teller: And at an average of two-and-a-quarter percent interest over a period of 1000 years, that comes to ... $4.3 billion. [Fry stares for a moment, foams at the mouth, and faints]