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=== Appearances ===
=== Appearances ===
* {{e|4ACV13}}
* {{f|1}}
* {{e|6ACV12}} (at the [[100th Delivery Party]])
*{{e|6ACV12}} (at the [[100th Delivery Party]])

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Secondary character
Barbados Slim
Barbados slim.png
Planet of originEarth
First appearance"Bend Her" (4ACV13)
Voiced byJohn DiMaggio

Barbados Slim is a limboist from Barbados and the winner of the 3004 Olympics. He was Hermes' rival when Hermes was a limboist as well, and was once married to LaBarbara, but they got divorced.


Barbados Slim has a rivalry with Hermes Conrad because he is Hermes' equal in limboing contests and because he was once married to his wife LaBarbara. Barbados also said he is used to unzipping a woman's frock. According to Hermes, he is the only man who has won an olympic gold medal in both limbo and sex. Slim is confident, perhaps overly so, in his limboing abilities and is often condenscending to Hermes.


In 3007, when Hermes lost his body, LaBarbara left him and returned to Barbados, taking Dwight with her. But, once Hermes recovered his body, she came back to him (BBS). Barbados Slim later attended the 100th Delivery Party (6ACV12).

Additional Info


  • Barbados Slim is the only man to win an Olympic gold medal in Limbo and Sex.


    Hermes: Barbados Slim?! The last thing I heard, you were in Barbados!

    Zoidberg: Barbados Slim? I love that guy!

    Barbados Slim: You haven't seen the last of Barbados Slim! Now goodbye, forever!