Apartment 1I

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Apartment 1I
Leela's appartment building.jpg
The building where apartment 1I is located, in 3001. [3ACV02]
LocationNew New York, Earth
First appearance"Anthology of Interest I" (2ACV16)

Apartment 1I is where Leela lives in New New York, Earth.

The living room consists of a single chair and television and is undecorated. The bedroom has a double bed and a side table. [3ACV02]

The apartment building was demolished by the nudist alien scammers to make way for a panda hunting reserve. [BBS] At some point it was rebuilt and Leela moved back in. [6ACV10]

In 3012, Leela's mother briefly lived there. [7ACV05]

Additional Info


  • The apartment's name is a pun on how Leela has one eye.