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Kif Kroker, the most prominent Amphibian on the show

Home Planet: Amphibios 9


Amphibians are humanoid creatures that are smaller and lankier than the average human, they resemble amphibians on Earth with whom they share some basic traits. They have no hair and possess only three fingers on each hand and two toes on each foot. Their skin colour is a light green, and their slanted eyes are greenish-yellow with slit-like pupils. Amphibians have no noses to speak of, but possess two nostrils, and the ears are set quite low on the head and stick out a bit. The mouths are like lipless beaks. Their blood is green, and they have no bones and are instead supported by a system of liquid-filled bladders. The only known difference between males and females is that the females have eyelashes, both genders are capable of giving birth. Their social structure is clan-based, and their home planet is an important member of the Democratic Order of Planets (DOOP).

Life Cycle

Amphibians bear their young inside their bellies like mammals until they are ready for birth. The post-birth life of an Amphibian begins in the swamp of their clan's birthing grounds. The parent gives birth on the shore to several dozen or hundreds of tadpole-like offspring which make their way towards the water, a dangerous phase in which their lives are threatened by predators. The next twenty years are spent in the water, until they mature into children, sprout legs and crawl ashore. From there, the life cycle seems to be similar to that of humans.


When an Amphibian of any gender experiences deep feelings of love, he or she enters a so-called receptive state. The skin becomes a semi-permeable membrane that allows the passage of genetic material. This material is used to conceive the offspring. The Amphibian in the receptive state is prone to accidental imprenation if genetic material from another person touches the skin. The DNA can be from a different species (like humans), thus enabling cross-species breeding. However, the mother/father is considered to be the person that inspired the feeling of love, not the genetic parent. This person is called the smizmar. The existance of two genders suggests that there is also a sexual method of reproduction. The young grow inside the parent's body until they are ready for birth.

Racial Abilities

Amphibian's bodies can be stretched very far, and they can bloat parts of themselves by pumping air inside them. They possess a camouflage reflex that may be triggered involuntarily by shock or surprise, blending the Amphibian into the background - they become half-transparent, except for the eyes. Amphibians are also capable of attaching themselves to walls and ceilings like a gecko.