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  • oh man, I've been watching Futurama since the day it came out. This is a series that will forever be one of my most favorite series. I've also been rewatching the series on Netflix so I've been trying to catch a lot of things I've might have missed. I just love this series.
  • I just learned that this series premiered on my birthday of March 28. AWESOME!
  • My all time favorite moment in Futurama from Mother's Day.
    • Fry: In my time we didn't depend on high-tech gadgets like you do. We didn't need a mechanical washing unit to wash our clothes. We just used a washing machine. [He takes something out of his pocket.] And look: You don't need an electric can-opener to feed yourself. All you need is a trusty Swiss Army knife. [He tries to open a can of "Quantum Leek" soup and jabs himself with the knife.] Ow! [He bangs the tin on the table and sobs.] [crying] I'm hungry!