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Yes, Moo. I'm gonna tell you right now, I'm still learning my way around, but I've pretty much got the hang of it now.

Anywho... Let's see... What can I say...

Well, I'm James, and I've been a fan since the first Ep aired on Fox. Not much more I can say. I can pretty safely say that as of 9/1/08 I have read every article on here, and as of 8/13/08 I own all the Ep's and both the movies that are out (and plan to get the last 2 as they come out)

I'll be the guy sitting in the background editing pages, and coming up with a couple ideas.

Also, My DVD player burned out on me the other night, so I will be putting a LOT of things in the "Discussion" parts of pages if I'm not 100% sure if my facts are correct.

DVD player is now up and running! ...Still putting things on the discussion pages unless I'm sure.