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Hi I'm Hstar. I love Anime. My favourites are Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Detective Conan, One Piece, Death Note, Bleach, Naruto and Dragonball. (I don't mind Inazuma Eleven but I prefer my favourites. I enjoy Ninjas, Creatures, Mysterys and Cases, Fighting, and Animes with Shinigami in them - feel free to recommend me Anime that I'd like.) I also love Cartoon like The Simpsons, Family Guy, Cleveland Show, South Park and of course Futurama. I'm actually an Admin on the Pokemon Wiki. I'm also head of all things Anime there, I'm part of a group against vandalism on that wiki called PokePower where I represent Anime, I'm also leader of a project there called Project Anime. I've come to help this wiki. I'd say uploading images and making galleries are my specialities.

I think the most important thing about me is that I can speak fluent Alienese and translate it to English - without the Professor's machine.

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