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The Surrogate Mutant
US Publish Number47 ½
UK Publish Number(s)56-ish
Written byN/A
Art byN/A
Title captionI Can't Believe It's Not Canon!
Published (US)March 1st 2010
Title referenceThe Surrogate Mother/Woman

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The Story

Fry is ecstatic about the chance to try Super Slurm again for the first time in a decade but is shot down when they are finally hired for a "delivery" mission after sitting around the office for a year.

Additional Info


  • This comic theoretically takes place after "Rebirth".


    Farnsworth: And furthermore Leela, in case you hadn't noticed, we haven't been hired for any deliveries for almost an entire year now.
    Bender: Hmm, I was wondering why our salary was suspiciously matching our workload.

    Auto Pilot: Collision in 10 seconds.
    Bender: Quick, everybody run like Amy's mascara!


  • Leela enjoying being electrocuted was established in "Bender's Game".

Outside References

  • Fry asking Bender what he is pondering what he's pondering and Bender disagrees is a quote from that Warner Bros show about the two mice.


  • When Fry and Bender pretend the ship is a Videogame, buy the time they crash into something a note says "There is No Sound in Space and this was used Merely for Comical Effect"
  • There are none, this comic is perfect... Nah, I'll leave it up to the readers to find them.


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