Thubanian flying saucer

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Thubanian flying saucer
Thubanian flying saucer.jpg
TypeFlying saucer
First appearance"That Darn Katz!" (6ACV08)

The Thubanian flying saucer allows the user to fly through space, as do most of the known spaceships in Universe Γ. It was probably invented by the Thubanian top scientists. The saucer is mostly pink, but its windows are blue. It resembles the head of a cat.

The Thubanians used it to transport themselves to Earth in August of 3010. Once comfortable in the Planet Express headquarters, they started enslaving the crew. Amy and Nibbler, who weren't affected by the cats' cute abilities, mentioned the saucer as proof for the Thubanian leader's evilness. Unfortunately, as everyone else had been brainwashed, nobody cared.

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    Amy: The cat is evil! We have proof.
    Nibbler: It was summoning a saucer.
    The Professor: Of course it wanted a saucer, you idiot! A saucer of "cweam".