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New method

First of all: I have commented the previous stuff out, because it would keep the server a-crashing, so let's try and avoid that. Eh?

Anyway, I was browsing the Star Trek wiki, Memory Alpha, and noticed they also had an e template. So I thought to myself; ah, maybe it is because of their superior firepower of a server that it runs so much better.

Oh, you should have seen how wrong I was! It is fairly simple. It just uses a simple check if exists, and then show a template with this content.

Let me show you how it work in our case:


An example of say the input 1 ("Space Pilot 3000"):


In case a link was provided to something that did not exist (either because it hadn't been created or it really do not), its output would look like this (in this example: 1ACV00):

[[:???Template:E/titles/1ACV00|"???Template:E/titles/1ACV00" (???Template:E/codes/1ACV00)]]


The "link" will appear to indicate that it ought to be created. At Memory Alpha, though, they only allowed titles as input. The purpose here is largely to avoid any computation, and just go with easy checks. This will mean a lot of small templates, but so be it. In addition, it can also allow for common spelling mistakes of episode titles, etc. --SvipTalk 20:35, 18 March 2009 (UTC)