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Documentation for {{event infobox}}


For use with events, holidays and other specific date occasions. This does not apply to battles, use {{battle infobox}} instead.


{{event infobox
|name              = Name of event/holiday
|image             = [[Image:Image.png|225px]] Find something appropriate to highlight the event.
|image text        = (optional)
|type              = (optional) Type of event.
|celebrated when   = (optional) When it is celebrated (if holiday)
|celebrated where  = (optional) If it has a specific location for its celebration (if holiday)
|celebrated by     = (optional) Who celebrates the holiday (if holiday)
|held when         = (optional) Held when (if not holiday)
|first held        = (optional) Unlike holidays, events usually have a first event.
|held where        = (optional) Where it is held (if not holiday)
|contents          = (optional) What sort of things goes on at the event; its contents
|occurred          = (optional) For a once in a life time event (i.e. it happened once)
|first appear      =
|wikipedia         = (optional) For information unrelated to Futurama from Wikipedia

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