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Buddy13 FW16.png I think I heard in the commentary of Xmas Story that she did the voice of Tinny Tim, but I'd have to check to be sure.

Buddy13 FW16.png Who's "Mrs. Enos Fry"? If you mean Fry's Grandmother, I believe her name is Mildred (Fry calls her Grandma Mildred), and they aren't married yet, so her last name is unknown.

ah! I couldn't remember her name, the source just said "Fry's Grandmother"

The biography section has odd wording and a strange style. It feels like it should be rewritten as more of a bio and less like an award presentation. Lbgrowl 17:10, 31 December 2007 (PST)

"Memorable Characters"

What exactly defines memorable characters? Reading it, it looks a bit random.