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Storyboard for
"Fun on a Bun"
Fun on a Bun storyboard - page 1.jpg

Part of the storyboard for "Fun on a Bun" was released by Countdown to Futurama on 15 June 2012.[1]

Scenes 211 and 212

Bender, who is wearing a sash labelled "3rd Place" and has a trophy labelled "3", and Leela sit at a table. Leela mentions that Bender's sausage has just won third place. Bender angrily holds his trophy up, calling his third placing "the greatest injustice Germany has ever committed." He then swats the trophy and crosses his arms. Zapp, with Kif by his side, approaches their table. He is wearing a badge labeled "Sausage Judge", and tells Leela that "this time, I'm the one criticizing the sausage."

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