Sparky (Möbius Dick)

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Tertiary character
SpeciesInvisible elf
First appearance"Möbius Dick" (6ACV15)
This article is about the character from "Möbius Dick". {{#list:separator=. |format=For $1, see $2|the character from "Reincarnation"|Sparky (Reincarnation)||||||||}}.

Sparky is an invisible elf that is mentioned in the title caption for "Möbius Dick". The caption claims that the episode features him, but no acknowledgment is made of him during the actual episode (6ACV15). Given that he is invisible to both the viewers of and characters on the show, this is to be expected.

Additional info


  • The title caption for "Assie Come Home" is "FEATURING A NEW INVISIBLE CHARACTER WHO DOESN'T SPEAK".