Small rock alien

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Tertiary character
Small rock alien
Small rock alien.png
The small rock alien looking up at Bender (6ACV20).
SpeciesRock alien
Planet of originNeutopia
First appearance"Neutopia" (6ACV20)
Voiced byMaurice LaMarche

The small rock alien is an inhabitant of Neutopia. In June 3011 (6ACV20), it encountered a group of lost Earthican men among which were members of the Planet Express crew and offered to help them find their way, but they told it off.

Additional Info


    Hermes: Uh-oh. I think we're walking in circles. I recognise the pattern of striations on that Gibson formation.
    Fry: Also, my shoe that fell off.
    Bender: Oh, God. We're all gonna die in agony!
    Small rock alien: Howdy there. You fellows need some directions?
    Bender: No, we're fine.
    Professor Farnsworth: Beat it!