Rickykorbgoll and Lucyxzl

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Tertiary character
Deceased character
Rickykorbgoll & Lucyxzl
Rickykorbgoll and Lucyxzl.png
Planet of originFedex 12
First appearance"...But Deliver Us to Evil!" (US#002)
Voiced byUnknown

Rickykorbgoll and Lucyxzl are aliens from the planet Fedex 12. They were sent to discover Planet Express' secrets by going with the crew on a delivery under the names Lucy and Ricky claiming that their package was so secret they had to come along. Once they found out the secrets the crew were kidnapped and taken to Fedex 12 where they were about to be executed until Nibbler ate all the Upsilons including Rickykorbgoll and Lucyxzl.

Additional Info


  • The shortened versions of their names and their appearance is a reference to I Love Lucy and is pointed out twice in the story.


    Rickykorbgoll: Why is there a need for a robot on the delivery missions anyway?
    Lucyxzl: Indeed.