Order of the Binary Singularity

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Order of the Binary Singularity
Order of the Binary Singularity
LocationChapek 9
Organisation typeReligion
First appearance"Free Will Hunting" (7ACV09)
Current statusActive

The Order of the Binary Singularity is a monotheistic robot religion on Chapek 9 that teaches binary unity and to embrace one's pre-programmed nature and to not be discouraged by it as it represents robot magnificence. The abbot of the Order's monastery is the appropriately named, Ab-bot. The monastery's monks regularly pray together in harmony whilst speaking only in binary. They appear to worship a "creatrix", who in actuality is Mom, the evil CEO of Mom's Friendly Robot Company, who long ago promised to give robots a freewill unit, however the monks have sworn to refrain from the temptation of using such a device should it ever be made.

In 3012, Bender briefly became a member of this religion when he was distraught about his lack of free will.


Additional information


  • It is unknown if this robot religion has any connection with Robotology.
  • One of their duties is turning and maintaining complex clockwork machines within their monastery, what these machines do is unknown.
  • Their religious text is known as the Whole eBook (an alteration of "Holy Book").
  • Their order and monks resembles those of Christian monasteries.
  • The Order of the Binary Singularity is likely the only pro-human organization in Chapek 9 because their deity is a female human.