Nibbler's spaceship

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Nibbler's spaceship
Nibbler's spaceship.png
Nibbler's spaceship in 3010 (6ACV08).
First appearance"The Day the Earth Stood Stupid" (3ACV07)

Nibbler's spaceship is the spaceship of Nibbler, parked inside a container in Manhattan, New New York, next to the Planet Express headquarters. Nibbler used it at least three times since he arrived at Earth.


In 3002, during the Brain Spawn invasion, Nibbler escaped Earth to avoid becoming stupid and warn the Nibblonians of what was happening, taking Leela with him to the Planet Eternium (3ACV07). In 3003, he used his ship to return to the Nibblonian homeworld with Fry so Fry could destroy the Infosphere (4ACV10). In 3010, after the Thubanians took control of Planet Express, Nibbler went with Amy to Mars University, hoping to discover the truth behind Professor Morris Katz and the sinister experiment being conducted in the basement of the Planet Express HQ (6ACV08).

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  • Each time Nibbler used his spaceship, it was with a different human.
  • Nibbler can summon the ship with his third eye.
  • The ship is capable of holding Nibbler, Fry, Bender and Leela all at once, however, Bender removed his head to fit inside.
  • It is similar in design to Spaceman Spiff's spaceship in Calvin and Hobbes.


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