New New York v. Bender (3001)

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New New York v. Bender
DateFebruary, 3001
LocationNew New York Court
DefendantBender Bending Rodríguez
Charged forPimping
Verdict$500 and time served
Appearance"Put Your Head on My Shoulders" (2ACV07)

The New New York v. Bender case was a trial lead by an unknown judge at the New New York Court. Bender was charged for pimping. It is unknown if there were any witnesses in the trail. Bender was found guilty. He was sentenced to give $500 and time served.

Additional Info


  • Bender told Leela to pay the judge. She may in fact have been liable for the fee, as a representative of Planet Express, which is the legal owner of Bender.


    Bender: Wait. You mean people will pay good money for romance? Hmm. I think I have a scheme so deviously clever that I-- [Cut to courtroom. The judge bangs his gavel.]
    Judge: $500 and time served.
    Bender [with a gold tooth]: Stupid anti-pimping laws! [to Leela] Well, pay the man! [He struts out. His two Hookerbots follow him.]
    Hookerbot: Bender, honey, we love you!
    Bender: Shut up, baby, I know it!