Injury and death

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Injury and death are recurring themes on Futurama.

Season 6

"Rebirth" (6ACV01)

  • At the beginning of the episode Fry is covered with horrible burns, and nine of the eleven major characters are dead and hanging gruesomely over Farnsworth's birthing machine. As we learn later, although these crewmembers are "revived" in some sense, this Fry is a robot, and the real Fry is dead. That is, really dead, his remains having disintegrated when Farnsworth dumped them into the birthing machine.
  • Bender dies for a moment after emerging from the birthing machine.
  • Leela spends some time in a coma and a euthanasia/memorial service is held for her.
  • Leela's comatose body takes a beating in Farnsworth and Fry's final attempts at reviving her.

"In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela" (6ACV02)

  • V-GINY destroys a number of inhabited planets.
  • For a while, Leela believes that the earth has been destroyed.

"Proposition Infinity" (6ACV04)

  • Seeing personal items in the captured tornado, the crew believe for a moment that Bender and Amy have been gruesomely killed.

"The Late Philip J. Fry" (6ACV07)

  • Of course, although everything works out in the end, it is still true that all of the other original characters die when Fry, Farnsworth, and Bender go into the future. And of course, in the final universe, the Fry, Farnsworth, and Bender who were already there are killed by the Fry, Farnsworth, and Bender from the original universe.
  • At Hedonismbot's bachelor party, a nuclear accident kills all the participants except for Hedonismbot himself. The crew spend the rest of their lives believing that Fry, Farnsworth, and Bender were killed in the accident.
  • When the time-travelers finally drop out of time, the time machine falls to Earth, killing their "duplicates".

"Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences" (6ACV11)

  • Lrrr accidentally disintegrates Fry with a ray-gun. For a few moments, everyone believes that Fry is dead. The ray-gun turns out to have been a teleporter, not a real weapon.

"The Futurama Holiday Spectacular" (6ACV13)

  • Although necessarily non-canonical, this episode has everyone on Earth dying twice, and the crew presumably dying a third time.

"The Silence of the Clamps" (6ACV14)

In this episode, everyone gets a double-dose of Bender dying. First, when Billy allows Farnsworth to examine his brain, Farnsworth announces that the EBI has destroyed Bender's essence in bumpkinizing him. In his friend's minds, Bender is dead. Second, knowing that Bender is gone but still believing that Billy is Bender's body, they witness Billy's murder. For a short time, everyone believes Bender to be truly gone.

"Benderama" (6ACV17)

  • Farnsworth shoots Bender with a handgun. For a moment, everyone believes that Bender is dead. Instead, the bullet has been blocked by a bible that Bender happened to have in his torso at that moment.
  • Again, after the Bender conglomerate is defeated by the marauding giant, everyone (including the Galactic Entity) believes that Bender is dead.

"The Tip of the Zoidberg" (6ACV18)

  • Fry sustains a hand injury that results in blood loss and a liver disorder.
  • Leela is sawed in half by Zoidberg and has her liver removed to replace Fry's.
  • Hermes loses multiple vertebrae and much of his torso to Zoidberg's attempt to repair Leela.
  • Scruffy is dismembered down to only a head and one arm to Zoidberg's attempt to repair Hermes.
  • Amy loses a kidney to Zoidberg for unknown reasons.
  • Bender is rendered incontinent by Zoidberg in some unspecified manner and for unknown reasons.
  • To spare Farnsworth an unpleasant death, he swears Zoidberg to kill him when he finally begins to show symptoms of hypermalaria. Zoidberg attempts to kill Farnsworth several times, and even succeeds once, but Farnsworth is accidentally revived.
  • The crew work together to create the "murdolator" to euthanize Farnsworth.

"Ghost in the Machines" (6ACV19)

  • Bender kills himself.
  • Bender contracts with the Robot Devil to kill Fry.
  • A runaway geodesic dome crushes the Robot Devil's body while Bender occupies it. The Robot Devil has a replacement body for himself. Bender remains a ghost for a while.

"Fry Am the Egg Man" (6ACV22)

  • Angus goes on a mission to kill Mr. Peppy.
  • When Angus, wearing a bone vampire costume, attacks Fry, Fry shoots and injures him. Fry believes for a moment that he has killed Mr. Peppy.

"All the Presidents' Heads" (6ACV23)

  • Farnsworth changes history by badly injuring, possibly killing, his ancestor David Farnsworth.

"Cold Warriors" (6ACV24)

  • In order to create a vaccine for the common cold, Farnsworth attempts to grind Fry into a paste.

Season 7

"A Farewell to Arms" (7ACV02)

  • Leela breaks a leg falling into a hole in the ground into an underground cavern.
  • The planet Mars is destroyed, killing all of its inhabitants except for those who are able to escape to Earth.
  • Fry and Leela each lose an arm while Fry tries to rescue Leela from Mars.

"Decision 3012" (7ACV03)

  • Bender drinks so much beer that his body explodes. He repairs himself later with bumper stickers from Nixon's presidential campaign.
  • When Leela reminds Bender that he is a convicted felon, Bender responds, "Convicted, sentenced, and executed."
  • President-elect Chris Travers ceases to exist due to a grandfather paradox.

"The Thief of Baghead" (7ACV04)

  • Calculon feigns suicide on an episode of "All My Circuits".
  • Fry, Amy, Hermes, Farnsworth, Leela, and Zoidberg die horribly, some of them on seeing Langdon Cobb, others seeing simply his photograph. We find out later that their "life forces" are simply trapped inside Langdon Cobb's id and readily return to their bodies when the whole quantum lichen is killed.
  • Calculon truly commits suicide in the hope of winning an acting competition.
  • Langdon Cobb and his id are both destroyed in an overload of ego-stroking.

"Zapp Dingbat" (7ACV05)

  • The episode opens with Scruffy holding a memorial service for his dead goldfish. He flushes the fish down the toilet, and Zoidberg, visiting Leela's parents, is the fish's final destination.
  • At the end of their first date, Zapp disintegrates Munda with a ray-gun. Fans who have forgotten Farnsworth's teleporter ray will believe for a moment that she is dead and Leela has just witnessed a murder.

"The Butterjunk Effect" (7ACV06)

  • The episode centers on the careers of Amy and Leela in the Butterfly Derby, a brutal cage-fight sport.
  • Morbo reports the death of Eternulax the Immortal.

"Fun on a Bun" (7ACV08)

  • For a while, all of the crew believe that Fry has been killed in Bender's meat grinder.
  • Fry and his fellow Neanderthals set out on a mission to "Kill all modern humans!"

"Free Will Hunting" (7ACV09)

  • Fabrizio is killed in a drive-by shooting.
  • Bender shoots Farnsworth so many times that Farnsworth is left in a full-body cast.

"31st Century Fox" (7ACV11)

  • Traditional English fox hunting is a central theme of the episode.
  • To free Bender from a trap, a robot fox chews off Bender's left foot-cup.
  • A robot fox kills the robot huntmaster.

"2-D Blacktop" (7ACV15)

  • Fry, Leela, Amy, and Bender are all injured when the recently turbo-charged ship crashes into the Planet Express hangar.
  • After the crash at the drag strip, everyone believes for a while that Farnsworth, Fry, Leela, and Bender are dead. There is even a memorial service for them.

"T.: The Terrestrial" (7ACV16)

  • Jrrr kills the second-to-last clone of the headless body of Vice President Agnew.
  • Bender apparently believes that Fry died on Omicron Persei 8, as when he sees Fry's SOS, he exclaims, "He's alive!"
  • Lrrr expends consider effort to get Jrrr to kill Fry.
  • Lrrr blasts off Drrr's right arm to prevent him euthanizing Fry.
  • Jrrr unintentionally embeds a fleem in Drrr's head.
  • It is eventually revealed that Fry's illness is not due to Jrrr's turds, but to Jrrr drinking Fry's blood every day.
  • For a moment, just before Bender arrives to recover Fry from Omicron Persei 8, everyone believes that Fry is dead.

"Calculon 2.0" (7ACV20)

  • Calculon, who killed himself in "The Thief of Baghead," is exhumed and revived. Later, he is killed again, presumably forever this time.

"Assie Come Home" (7ACV21)

  • Fry and Leela are the only people to survive a gangland gunfight.

"Murder on the Planet Express" (7ACV24)

  • Blorgulax eats McMasters, Jackie Jr., Hermes, Scruffy, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, Leela, and Amy. It is later revealed that they are all alive and well.
  • Bender and Fry shoot McMasters to death.