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Owner(s)Almost every Earthican,
First appearance"Space Pilot 3000" (1ACV01)

Hovercars are vehicles resembling 20th century cars, but which travel by hovering above the ground. The inventor of the hovercar is unknown, though it is clear that Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth was the designer of various models. Hovercars are capable of space travel, [3ACV02] and can attain speeds equal to 99% of the speed of light. [4ACV09]

By the 31st century, mankind has grown so dependent on hovering that people believe that travel is impossible by any other method. Although hovercars evolved from regular, wheeled cars, wheels have become obsolete by the year 3000, and are only occasionally referred to, as weird "rubber feet". [2ACV18] The earliest hovercars seen in the show are from the 2850s. It is entirely possible, however, that they were invented earlier than this. [2ACV10]

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Since hovercars appear in all episodes, only episodes that reveal new information or specifically deal with hovercars are included.

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