Hacking Jack's Fine Smokables

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Hacking Jack's Fine Smokables
Hacking Jack's Fine Smokables.jpg
LocationNew New York, Earth
First appearance"Three Hundred Big Boys" (4ACV16)

Hacking Jack's Fine Smokables is a tobacconist, selling many smoking brands, owned by Hacking Jack. The store owned a unique cigar known as "Le Grand Cigar", which was priced at 10000 dollars, until it was stolen by Bender.

Known products

  • Dutch Butts cigars ($1.99)
  • Fine Zubans ($25)
  • Royal Kooparillo ($300)
  • Burglar's tools ($300)
  • Le Grand Cigar ($10 000)

Additional Info

Le Grand Cigar


  • The "Royal Kooparillo" brand cigar features the likeness of C. Everett Koop, a US Surgeon General under Ronald Reagan, who was responsible for putting warning labels on all cigarette packs.