Colonel (merman)

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Tertiary character
The Colonel
Planet of originEarth
RelativesUmbriel, daughter
First appearance"The Deep South" (2ACV12)
Voiced byDavid Herman
This article is about the merman. For for the Sewer Mutant, see Colonel (mutant).

The Colonel is the father of Umbriel. He introduces the city, shows visitors around and shows a video featuring Donovan, which explains how Atlanta sank. He tries to convince visitors not to leave the city.

Additional Info


  • He is based on Colonel Sanders of KFC.


    Colonel: Welcome to Atlanta. Folks round these parts call me the Colonel. Here, have some breathers, courtesy of our Chamber of Commerce.
    Farnsworth: This is uncomfortable and humiliating. Now, if they could put it in the form of a suppository.
    Colonel: Y'all enjoy your stay! Tourism's our main source of income round here, so see the sights, spend some money. Please don't leave!

    Colonel: Nice out of town folks, I'd like you to meet my daughter, Umbriel. Umbriel, these are some Yankees.