Clippie Awards

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The Clippie Awards
TypeAwards ceremony
Held whereTheater in the Ground, New New York, Earth
Contents of eventHonours accomplished delivery boys
First appearance"Near-Death Wish" (7ACV10)

The Clippie Awards is (presumably) a yearly awards ceremony that honours the most accomplished delivery boys. The ceremony also pays tribute to delivery boys who have died in the line of duty. In 3012, the ceremony was hosted by the Spotty Teen Robot.

Known Categories

"Best Newcomer on a Bicycle"

"Best Delivery Boy - Newspaper, Phone Book or Miscellaneous"

Additional Information


    [Dwight loses his award to another nominee.]
    Hermes: Awwh, don't feel bad, son.
    LaBarbara: We couldn't be more proud of you. Unless, of course, you had won the award.

    [Later on, Fry, Leela and Bender try to enter the Near-Death Star.]
    Barrier-bot #1: Halt! Visitors are forbidden!
    Fry: Oh really? Does that rule apply to - [he pauses and shows his Clippie award] - Clippie winners?
    Barrier-bot #1: I'm sorry, sir. Go right in. [he turns to Barrier-bot #2] That's Philip J. Fry!