Apartment 1I

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Apartment 1I
Leela's appartment building.jpg
The building where apartment 1I is located, in 3001. [3ACV02]
LocationNew New York, Earth
First appearance"Anthology of Interest I" (2ACV16)

Apartment 1I is where Leela lived in New New York, Earth.

The living room is plain white, and consists of a single chair and television and is undecorated. The bedroom has a double bed and a side table. [3ACV02] She also has a bathroom. [6ACV01]

The apartment building was demolished by the nudist alien scammers to make way for a panda hunting reserve. [BBS] At some point it was rebuilt and Leela moved back in. [6ACV10]

In 3012, Leela's mother briefly lived there. By now, Leela's living room was shown to be significantly more furnished, including a circular window, photo frame, a couch, and what appears to be a small Truffula plant. [7ACV05]

It is unknown what happened to the apartment after Leela moved into Apartment 00100100 in "Related to Items You've Viewed," though it's possible Nibbler still resides there as he's not seen moving in with Leela.

Additional Info


  • The apartment's name is a pun on how Leela has one eye.